July 21, 2021

Time to play, and relax!

This year on June 2nd I had the honor of selling a home (with my team) that was both internally and externally beautiful. However, I knew that this home’s selling point was its incredible recreation space – a game, and theatre room! It is quite likely that you have seen this listing on Instagram if you follow Montano Group. Since then, I knew any home with a space like that would sell quickly. 

As a result of a pandemic, we began to realize that being at home would become a greater part of our routines. What about your children? In order to guarantee their creativity is met, as well as their attention spans, you will need a space. For this reason, I find it so important to provide a new family with a place where they can retreat. 

It may not yet seem important to many people, but I soon realized that many families would benefit from such a space. 

When showing homes that provide room for large families, never forget to help the potential buyers imagine their lives in the home. 

“A bedroom for your eldest, a nursery and bedroom – maybe a home office, or a separate space for the kids to get away and play their video games, or do their homework”

As a real estate agent, you are helping your clients realize their dream life, and their home serves as the base of it all, therefore, enabling them to see their future in the home. 

Selling a home that has a kids’ space, or a family space, is the best way to attract clients who must have these things for their purchase.