August 29, 2020

The e-commerce giant will launch a luxury brand platform by September of this year, releasing the first of a dozen international accessories and ready-to-wear labels opening shops on the site as this year’s fashion show season kicks off in September.

Labels hailing from Europe and the US will be able to operate their own concessions on the site. Brands that will partner with Amazon will have access to the centralized warehouse system in the US that Amazon operates, as well as the tech giant’s vast delivery network.

The platform will initially launch in the US, showcasing 12 domestic brands and European labels and will provide luxury retailers with full control over the look and feel of their digital stores.

The tech giant has already committed hundreds of millions of dollars for this undertaking and is even building a new fulfillment centre in Arizona specifically for luxury goods. $100 million has been allocated for the cost of the fulfillment centre and an additional $100 million is committed to the marketing campaigns for the new website.


Source: Business Insider

Image: Amazon