August 7, 2021


We are starting August the right way. I think that cologne, and perfume tie up just about amy outfit. Whether you are stepping out for work, going out to lunch, or heading out for night drinks. Keeping yourself stylish, and put together is important, yes. But having a cologne to match is just as necessary! 


So, today I am bringing you some top Ralph Lauren colognes to keep your eyes one!



  • Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme Eau de Parfum Spray for Men: Beautiful transition scent especially for the end of August and beginning of September – if you want to get as close to Autumn as possible. Coffee is paired with the citrus note of blood orange. When the wood notes are blended with the coffee, a chocolate-like aroma hangs in the air. It’s a pretty straightforward scent.


  1. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men: Here’s that every day scent! Perfect for work, hanging out, and running errands! A mango note is accompanied by sage and patchouli, giving Polo Black a woody and spicy undertone. Citrus notes like lemon and tangerine appear at the top of the order. A very popular scent. There are notes of tonka bean, iced mango, patchouli noir, spanish sage, and silver armoise.
  2. Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men, Eau de Toilette Natural Spray: A classic for every RL Polo fan! I think this by far is their best scent. This aromatic woodsy scent is for the gentleman who stands out. This fragrance starts off quite dry with leather and pine notes, and then transitions into a tobacco and patchouli blend that is smoky and intriguing.
  3. Safari by Ralph Lauren for Men, Eau De Toilette Natural Spray: This one does not get the love it deserves!  In comparison to other fragrances it has a delightfully sweet smell and a delightful masculine smell. The main focus of this recipe is an outdoorsy herb and wood mixture.


 So many stylish scents to try out. Maybe take September, or this blog post as a sign you need to check one of these out! Let me know which one you would pick!