April 12, 2022

Technology has impacted not only the Canadian workplace but also how Canadians buy and sell real estate.


It is a time-consuming and complicated process for most people to purchase a home, mainly because they have to meet numerous real estate agents and brokers in person. Digital technology has revolutionized the home-buying process, making shopping for real estate easier and more convenient for consumers.


Drone surveys and 3D modeling of development areas, for instance, are helping to plan out what a new home will look like. In a global pandemic where there has been such a strong emphasis on physical distance, a virtual home tour or video open house serves as a digital solution to facilitate home-buying.


Digital tools are also being used more often by real estate agents to better connect with potential customers. Those tools include: podcasts and social media platforms like TikTok to provide advice on purchasing homes and further details about properties. This might be the biggest purchase of your life and an investment that you’re making with friends and family in some situations. 


So when information needs to be shared, and given to possible clients, social media is the perfect place to do it! It is easily accessible and available to anyone who comes across it. 


Want to know how to navigate the current market, and how to invest in it? Give me a call, you’ll want the right information from the right realtor!