August 25, 2021

As we start to prepare ourselves to work in the fall market, new information about what is to come this year has been shared. The fall market is expecting a   steady spike as our real estate market continues on its feverous ride.


Toronto is about to see yet another spike of $50K per home sale, and it is only the beginning. This spike is not at all surprising, though it can be disheartening for most who want to make a living in our beautiful city of Toronto. 


We have seen the spike in home sales since COVID-19 and this continuous trend is yet another example that people are continuously seeking new surroundings and now with new working conditions, selling and re-buying seems to be quite the trend. 


Evidence shows that the price of the typical GTA home will increase to reach $1,114,387. And if it continues, we will see a spike up to $61,800 and that will increase home prices over $1,115,00. This summer’s steady rate of movement prepared torontonians, and future home buyers for the spike of the fall market. This fall, bidding wars, and multiple offers are coming with a vengeance.