August 14, 2021


Remember those sweats? The beloved leggings you would not step out in? Time to put those away! Fall 2021 is going to restart our love for dressing up, and being fashionable! Harper’s Bazaar has come out with a list of trends, and I wanted to comment on them and maybe exchange opinions with you!


Here are the possible trends of Fall Fashion in 2021:


  • SEQUINS! Never thought I’d be seeing this one again. Long were the days where everyone thought sequins were “tacky”. It seems like Fall is bringing the sequins back and allowing for every dress to go up to a new fashionable standard. 
  • OFF-COLOURS? Prepare yourself for the oddest colour mixes, shades and more! Fall is going to introduce us to colours we may have never paid attention to and teach us how to make it work this season. 
  • THE BELTED LEATHER: Bulky, or fashionable? Skirts? Belted skirts?
  • TAILORED EVERYTHING! The power suits are back, and I’m excited about this one! A lot of  fashionable brands have adopted this trend over the summer, and it seems to be carrying on to the Fall! Plaid is a must!
  • THE WOOL VEST! My, oh my! This is the biggest trend I have seen. These vest are best worn with oversized button-down tops. Perfect for office jobs and if you are seeking an edgier look.
  • KNITTED EVERYTHING! So comfy no longer needs to look… scrumpy. This trend is tricky for many. But this is why we invest in belts and cute bottoms to make it work. 
  • SKI(UGLY) SWEATERS: Remember the classic Ski sweaters in Dumb & Dumber? Looks like that will be a trend too. Yikes. 
  • CROPPED OBSESSION: Now adding this trend to coats, blouses and everything else. I get it, it’s attractive but no doable for just about anyone –
  • THE RIGHT PATTERN!: Welcome back the crazy, bold and fun patterns! Are you ready to update your wardrobe with these? It could be a fun change. 


So, these are only a few of the many listed, but these are the most interesting to have during the fall season. What do you think? Let’s chat!