July 24, 2021


Wherever you go, there is always an interest to explore nature around you. Whether they are around beaches, the jungle or even pyramids. It is natural to beat our curiosity and explore all that we are so not used to. 


In this blog post, I am going to let you in on some LUXURY HOTELS that allow you to experience the beauties of nature without feeling like you have to lose out on the experience of a Luxury hotel. 


It’s true, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds in one place! Have you ever considered sleeping under the stars? These luxury hotels combine nature and luxury and their new concept is surely going to capture the attention of nature lovers, and those who seek an extraordinary experience. 


Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

  • The Utah desert resort is also popular with any traveler looking for privacy and uber-luxurious accommodations. Every room here is sumptuous (with an associated price tag), but none compares to the Girijaala Suite.
  •  over 3,500 square feet in size with glorious amenities, and a beautiful view to match! This suite also features a sky lounge where you can spend the night under the stars
  •  The interior of the room also features a deep-soaking tub so that you can warm up if you get cold.


and Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge, South Africa

  • In addition to a solar power supply and greywater collection system, the house features bio-rock sanitation.
  • In the treehouse, a retractable awning on the top floor provides shade, while the third floor features a covered, weather-proof king bed. 
  • It is off-grid, so guests can take advantage of the surrounding natural beauty while not being impacted by technology.


Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills, California

  • One of the city’s best glamping setups is actually located on the roof of the hotel. 
  • This room comes with a 2,100 square-foot terrace with sweeping views of Hollywood Hills, as well as a hidden entrance and wrought-iron staircase. 
  • An urban oasis is centered around a tent with a crystal chandelier, marble lamps, and fur rugs. In a city full of stars, this may be your best opportunity to soak them in.


La Valise Tulum, Mexico

  • Sleeping outdoors is now done on a whole other level – you’re facing the sea!
  • If you want a more private night, you can roll the king-size bed into the closet.
  • It is not surprising that reservations are made a year in advance for this room.


Amanruya, Turkey

  • Hidden between the olive groves of the Aegean Sea, this resort is ideal for any traveler who wants to spend their days outdoors
  • In addition to the free-standing room structures, the Pool Pavilion with an outdoor garden view is perfect for those who want to commune with nature.
  • In addition to the lush surrounding greenery, the 800 square feet of accommodation comes with a pergola with daybeds you can use overnight.


Which resort would you be checking out for your next vacation? Let’s chat! I want to know your thoughts.