February 27, 2021

Most people are looking forward more and more to travelling as we draw closer to a year of being in this pandemic. As COVID-19 restrictions across the globe begin to lift and the hope of the vaccine roll-out putting a stop to this pandemic, here are some luxury travel trends to look out for this year.


Private buy-outs

Privacy is the ultimate luxury these days. With the need to socialize yet still practice social distancing, private buy-outs have become extremely popular. Most luxury hotels, residences and properties now offer this service, with the option of buying out the space for any length of time. Some couples, groups of friends or families looking to spend some quality time together may choose this option and experience a home-away-from home environment.


Home-to-home holidays

With the work from home situation blurring the boundaries between work and personal life, as well as the demand for homes with more space to work and play, more and more high net worth individuals are semi-permanently relocating to private residences, often for months at a time. These private residences are able to accommodate a working environment yet still provide the facilities needed to continue daily life.


Hyper personalization

Just knowing client preferences aren’t enough anymore, but luxury services will need to anticipate guests’ needs before they arrive. If it’s  preparing a proposed itinerary for their stay, suggesting a certain type of meal they may want to try, a long-awaited spa session or preparing little souvenirs for when they enter their suites or cabins, personalization is the name of the game. Luxury travellers often require certain services that will make their stay memorable and building on these relationships will ensure that guests keep coming back for more.


Ultra itineraries

More and more luxury properties and services offer ‘once in a lifetime’ adventures to their luxury guests by delivering a plethora of unmatched experiences for guests to try upon their arrival. Guests may choose from a list of curated services that they can get to experience within an hour or two after their arrival.


Helicopter hopping

Bypass long and boring airport check-ins with the advent of 2021’s latest travel accessory — the helicopter transfer. A report noted that there has been a significant rise both in helicopter ownership requests and long-term charters, with the wealthy looking to skip traffic or airport check-ins and safely hop from one property to the next, or one property to yacht.


Source: Travel Daily Media

Photo: Ultima Courchevel Spa