October 3, 2020

When the pandemic hit, Toronto luxury dining specialist Chef Lauren Mozer and founder of elle cuisine launched Stay Home catering, in response to the pandemic and what is now known as the new normal.


When the city re-opened, limited-capacity microevents was the new thing that hit the luxury dining industry. These microevents are an exciting opportunity to host events and socialize, but still remain in the small social circles the government has legally allowed and what health experts advise.


These microevents have allowed for caterers like Chef Lauren and her team to bring the luxury dining experience into people’s homes and connect with an entirely new network of clients, while also answering the demand of in-person events.


Through these microevents, it is apparent that people are very anxious to return to real-life events and be able to socialize like the way they used to pre-pandemic. Though not as big or as grand as the events in the past, these microevents allow for people to connect and socialize among themselves and help give them some sense of normalcy while also making sure that health and safety guidelines are followed.


The limited capacity also allows for chefs like Chef Lauren to completely customize the menus. Since they don’t have as much of a demand from events in the past, they have allowed for teams to be more nimble and flexible, making it easier for custom requests to be fulfilled, thus creating a whole new luxury dining experience.


Source: Toronto Life

Image: Mango Studios