May 29, 2021

How to stay in style this summer!

New season, new you, right?


Today’s blog post covers all staples you will need for a stylish, and luxurious summer. The trends that are making the rounds all over social media impress me to no end. It started with Coco Chanel, and then moved on to Hugo Boss and Balenciaga. Everyone is trying to make sure we have the most comfortable picks, as well as the brightest colours for summer.

So, I have done my research and picked out a few pieces that are making the most impact.

  1. ADULT TIE-DYE: Ganni elevates the tie dye trend with slinky silk cut-outs and sophisticated cuts that won’t make you feel like you’re attending Woodstock.
  2. BEADED JEWLERY: Jewelers are using precious stones and coral beads, but less literal in their designs, to evoke summer vibes. Layer with pearls and wear with a white shirt to avoid looking like you stepped off the resort.
  3. PONY SCARF: In the summer, it is too hot to wear your hair in any other style than a ponytail. Go with a silk scarf that will drape backwards freely.
  4. SHORT SUITS: Try a technicolor short suit. It’s a bit different from last season’s suit trend, and it’s perfect for summer office dressing.
  5. FEMININE MENSWEAR: This outfit defeats your office’s biggest enemy, summer’s AC. Put on a grey blazer and throw it on over your sleeveless dress.
  6. FLORAL-PRINT DRESSES: Nobody does romantic dressing as well as Brock Collection who makes a name for themselves.
  7. TINTED SUNGLASSES: Stop wearing skinny sunglasses, I’m saying it! Switch to the new trend-sunglasses that are oversized shaded shades.
  8. NEW ANIMAL PRINTS: Leopard is timeless, but here are the latest animalistic prints as well, including zebra, tiger, cow and even snake. Experiment with these animalistic designs and do not be afraid to embrace color.

What are your must haves for summer fashion?

Let me know!