September 21, 2021

There is nothing more beautiful than the changing leaves, the foliage, and of course a chance to sell a home in the Fall! As autumn leaves fall, so do a few myths about real estate. Listed below are some tips on how to transform that “For Sale” sign into a “Sold” sign.


Curb appeal doesn’t matter in the fall real estate market.

  • Wrong. Curb appeal is exactly what makes someone stop and appreciate your home. Ever been on a walk and stopped because a home was so beautifully cared for, with their gorgeous flowers, neat landscaping and no sign of neglect? This is just as important in real estate – especially in the fall when things tend to get a little messier. 


The weather is cold, and so is your home.

  • Consider painting your house in a neutral shade before putting it on the market. The best return on your investment on the resale market is a fresh coat of paint, second only to a kitchen and bathroom renovation.
  • Bring the cozy factor to open houses or showings by turning on your fireplace. In addition, simple extras like pillows and throws can go a long way to showing off your home’s comfort during the winter months.


Buyers pay less attention to price.

  • Selling in the fall is the worst time to price your home incorrectly, because price is the most important factor for both buyers and sellers. List prices can be tricky, depending, for example, on seasonal factors, and market factors such as supply, demand, and economic conditions. 


Once the home is sold, you’re done.

  • If we sign and complete the deal, we can just pack up and move, right? Not quite. Holidays are busy times for most people, which makes finding the time to pack or to find a mover difficult. To avoid these issues, plan well in advance. To avoid being left in the dark if someone cannot move, it is best to schedule everyone’s moving date in advance. Stress-free moving will make the first few days in your new home a lot more enjoyable.


Now that you have read through a few myths, maybe now you will be better prepared if selling, and moving is in your plans for this fall season!


Credit: RE/MAX