May 15, 2021


We have been advised to wear masks since the beginning of the virus outbreak. Brands are taking advantage of any opportunity to saturate the face covering market, since demand rises. 

Many clothing brands are now selling their own masks. They cater to all different styles, from the minimalist SoCal gal to the busy mom. Masks no longer look like hospital masks, or boring. They look like a part of our outfits, and can be just as stylish. 

I have come up with a list of the most lux brands selling gorgeous masks! Make your pick. 


Collina Strada: They have started making their masks out of leftover materials

Off-White: New masks with fun prints

Akris: washable, breathable, and reusable face masks made from pure cotton

Roopa Pemmaraju: masks are made from 100% cotton fabric and are hand-embroidered

VPL: one-of-a-kind silk masks with an interior pocket to insert your own filters

Phillip Lim: selling a five-pack of reusable face masks for $100

Michael Ngo: selling face masks ranging in price from $110 to $500

X Suit: masks are retailing for $119

Proenza Schouler: seven limited-edition masks made from archived fabrics

….. and MORE! 

Wearing a mask nowadays is more important than ever, and while we are doing it, we ought to have fun with it! Check out your favorite brands, and see if they are selling masks. Staying safe can be fun and fashionable.