October 1, 2021

Thanks to the pandemic, shopping online has been the ultimate option for most of us. We have probably used the pandemic to expand our closets, try and play with different styles – which may have cost us a little more than it should have. Besides the point, however. Shopping online is still helping a brand, and although it steals from an experience at every street-open luxury venue, you are still helping their economy and buying every item you lay your eyes on. 


So, I have gathered up a few brands that you could probably look into purchasing items from online. 



  • Gucci


You’ll find no better brand in terms of content, marketing, and sales! The brand is constantly experimenting online, from digital gifting with split payments to AR-powered try-on features on Snapchat and the Gucci App.



  • Chanel


Across all social media platforms, Chanel has the highest number of followers. The brand has also introduced an augmented reality app called LipScanner that lets users virtually try on its lipsticks using facial recognition technology.



  • Dior


For its skincare, cosmetic, and perfume collections, the French fashion powerhouse launched an official Tmall store. In addition to a capsule collection available only on their website and WeChat boutique, Dior became the first top-tier luxury brand to offer an online shopping event exclusively for Singles’ Day.



  • Louis Vuitton


Engages with social platforms in China like WeChat, Weibo, and emerging RED (Xiaohongshu, lit. Little Red Book). WeChat Mini Program enabled Louis Vuitton associates to assist shoppers live via live chat on Valentine’s Day, which doubled online sales for that day as compared to 2019.


Now, serious talk, which brand has the best online-store presence? Let’s chat!