October 31, 2020

The travel industry might still be reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Inspirato, a luxury travel company founded by brothers Brent and Brad Handler, offer Inspirato Club and Inspirato Pass, an all-access pass to the most luxurious vacations when you sign up for a membership and pay a monthly fee.

Inspirato Club

The Inspirato Club offers access to more than 300 luxury, single-family homes and more than 800 top-tier hotels and resorts around the world. For an enrollment fee of $600, a monthly fee of $600, and a separate nightly fee, you have access to Inspirato’s portfolio of vacation homes and hotels, and personalized service from a team of hospitality experts who handle everything from pre-trip planning to coordination with on-property concierges.

Members also have access to perks including privileges and discounts with partner brands, exclusive invites to events and excursions, Cadillac vehicles at select vacation homes, weekly promotional offers, and access to private flights.

Inspirato Pass

Dubbed as the “first-ever luxury travel subscription”, the Inspirato Pass costs $2,500 a month and promises no further fees, taxes, or nightly charges. It’s an all-access travel subscription that gives pass holders access to more than 100,000 luxury vacation homes, hotels, resorts, and location-specific experiences. Like the club, Inspirato Pass unlocks hundreds of luxury homes, hotels, and resorts in more than 200 locales.

A seven-day stay is the minimum upon check-in and vacations can last up to 16 days. Pass holders travel every six to eight weeks for an average of four nights per trip. Pass holders can also bring along as many guests as their accommodations will allow, but guests have to cover their own air fare just like pass holders.

At present, Inspirato Pass could access nearly 2,000 trip options between February 11 – 15, 2021.


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