May 27, 2022

“There’s no doubt that with the pandemic and the way that money has been spent over the past few years, the rich got richer,” he said. 


After the pandemic, there was a rise in the FOMO lifestyle. Rich people are more aware they are going to die and want to spend the money on luxury and more exclusive things. The luxury brand (Valentino)  is planning an additional $1 billion investment this year after price increases helped it surpass its pre-pandemic profit levels. 


The US is booming for luxury, and it’s showing trends that are furthering the idea that luxury brands are here to stay! More and more exclusive things are in even more demand at the moment. The most powerful brands in terms of luxury have seen growth of 40-50% growth in the last two years, Valentino are among them. 


And now with the influencer communities growing larger, there is a new urgency when it comes to owning your very own luxury brand item. Whether those are purses, scarves or even shoes, everyone wants a bite of that market. 


The luxury market is flourishing. Whether you’re applying it to real estate, or fashion. Luxury is guaranteed success, and I want you to be part of it. Let’s talk about your dream of owning luxury real estate, and let’s make it a reality – I can also give you some tips on my favourite luxury items and brands (if you require such favours). Call me today, and lets chat!