January 23, 2021

Deemed the most expensive food in the world, caviar, has driven most sturgeon species almost to extinction. However, more and more sturgeon breeders in the world are adapting a more sustainable alternative to continue providing one of the world’s most in-demand commodities.


White caviar, sourced from the extremely rare albino (white) sturgeons, is worth three times as much as traditional black caviar. With no more than 40 sturgeon breeders specializing in albino sturgeons in the world, white caviar could be this year’s hottest commodity. 


Demand for caviar remains high and especially with white caviar, consumers are willing to pay the difference. Around 600 grams of white caviar is worth 8,000 euros ($9,750), more than three times the price of black caviar.


The lack of pigmentation of the rare albino sturgeon seems to affect the roe’s taste, with white caviar tasting even sweeter, smoother and more melting than the traditional black one, and among the most expensive foods in the world.


Source: Food and Drink

Photos: Joe Klamar/AFP