September 26, 2020

This winter, Quebec will be home to the luxury pop-up retreats of 700,000 Heures, the world’s first nomadic hotel. 700,000 Heures is an entirely new way to experience luxury travel created by French hotelier Thierry Teyssier. At the 700,000 Heures pop-ups, guests follow along as the hotel moves locations around the world every six months.


The new hotel luxury concept wishes to create exclusive, cultural moments for guests, an exclusive group of travellers known as the le cercle des Amazirs.


700,000 Heures is so named after the average lifespan of a human being and has been found in floating houses in Cambodia, doing culinary tours of Koyasan, Japan, and taking guests into beach caves in Salento, Italy, sharing trips with local fishermen.


Its next stop is the La Malbaie in the Charlevoix region from December 12, 2020 to March 7, 2021. 700,000 Heures will set up chalets for guests to take part in a range of experiences, from riding snowmobiles and dogsleds, to ice fishing on frozen lakes and going nighttime tobogganing on a ski hill. Guests will also be able to participate in mountainside picnics, lunches in cabane à sucres, drinks in forests and dinners in igloos.


For Quebec, 700,000 will be set up across two “hearty and refurbished chalets, situated in the middle of nature”. These chalets will house two adult bedrooms and one for children in each location, as well as having the option for exclusive use if you don’t want to share – the perfect post-pandemic, social distanced travel option.


The hotel offers experiences unlike any other hotel before and prices start at 2,000 euros a night (roughly CAD3,120) for two guests in a double room, 1,500 euros per night for single occupancy, or 700 euros per night for children. Prices are all-inclusive of drinks, snacks, meals, activities, excursions, and so much more, along with joining the hotel group’s exclusive membership.


Source: Time Out Montreal