Brad Pitt takes on the World of Skin Care

Brad Pitt takes on the World of Skin Care

  • Claudine Montano
  • 09/23/22

Throughout the pandemic, we witnessed every celebrity come up with a skincare line. It seemed like everyone had enough time to process new ways to get creative, and that has not ended yet. Who has been added to that list? Mr. Brad Pitt. 


The actor has found himself inspired to create a genderless line, and the most perfect regime for anyone looking for easy ways to adapt a skincare routine, all in thanks to his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow.


Some may say this is yet another way to grab money from fans - as it has been previously shown with other ‘flop’ skincare lines. But who is to say Brad Pitt will be yet another incident? 


According to the company's website, "Le Domaine" aims to slow the aging process of skin so that everyone can age well, regardless of gender or skin type. This skincare line has two exclusive, patented ingredients present in the products, ranging from $80 to $385.


This beauty line's GSM10 uses seeds from grenache, syrah, and skins that are beneficial to the skin's microbiome. Le Domaine adds that it has antioxidant properties, inhibits collagen destruction, and can help balance the skin. In addition to using natural molecules found in plant extracts, vine cuttings, chamomile and green tea, ProGR3 targets visible signs of skin aging, the website says.


Pitt has also debuted as a sculptor in a Finnish group show in the past few days. Pitt, who wore a brown linen skirt at the movie premiere for "Bullet Train," has nine works on display in Tampere.


So, what do you think? Should celebrities create, and make money off of skincare lines that are mostly bought and used by fans? 


Is this another money grab? Hmm, it could be. Let us stay tuned for reviews coming up!

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