• Claudine Montano
  • 05/24/23

Real estate is an important investment for many people, even those with vast means. It can be a life-changing foothold with an asset that will pay dividends and retain investment over time. The basic house-buying market to the luxury real estate field operates differently, with clients of discerning nature across the scale. This guide will serve as an unofficial tutorial to help investors get the most for their money in a luxury market.

Define Luxury: 

It is important to define "luxury" when deciding on an investment, especially in the real estate sphere. It should denote quality, utility, craftsmanship, unique value, and character. To start, it is best to inspect luxury real estate listings to see how it fits within your budget.

Location matters: 

Luxury real estate is valuable, but location is more important than buildings, architecture, and history. It is important to consider proximity to cultural centres and large cities, privacy, space away from public infrastructure, views, and owned land when making an investment decision. Additionally, investing in luxurious real estate opens you up to the global market, which can help you source value wherever it may be.

Comprehensive Evaluations: 

Luxury real estate requires extensive evaluations to ensure the listing and purchase are accurately managed. This includes depth charters into the grounds, historical documentation and old deeds, as well as properly marking the boundaries of land. These evaluations can also help determine the status and considerations of property, such as whether bats have moved in, a protected species, and how this could influence renovation plans. Comprehensive evaluations help move into the investment or purchase with clear eyes, unshrouded by a long history.


Luxury real estate is valuable, but what you can do with it is the real potential. Focus on what the land permits and what you can get permission to construct, such as a treeline, water fountain, and exterior garages. These foundational matters matter most when investing in luxury real estate.

Additional costs: 

Luxury real estate has higher maintenance needs than standard houses, so it's important to factor in the cost of maintenance and security. Smart home security installations and housekeeping are also important to consider when investing. Using reliable real estate purveyors, having an eye for the market, and allocating your "must-haves" are key to getting the most for your money.

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