• Claudine Montano
  • 01/24/24

Experience "One Happy Island," the favored getaway of The Penthouse Queen. Amidst the picturesque white sands, she not only indulges in a relaxing vacation but also cultivates valuable connections in the realm of Luxury Real Estate.

Aruba stands out as a unique island, and it continues to be among the top real estate investment destinations. In the aftermath of the 2008 global real estate crisis, Aruba faced challenges in restoring property values, especially given its status as a Caribbean paradise. Despite these hurdles, the island has made remarkable strides, witnessing a surge in new condominium projects. This transformation positions Aruba as an appealing choice for those seeking real estate investments, whether for a second home, a vacation property, or a potential additional income stream.

The most effective investment is one that becomes self-sustaining by saving money in the long run. In Aruba, where half of the annual tourists are repeat visitors, owning a vacation home is highlighted as a cost-saving strategy. Research indicates that a family of four spends approximately $10,000 on a one-week trip to Aruba. By owning a vacation home, one can eliminate high hotel costs and the need to dine out daily, potentially saving over half of the expenses compared to traditional vacationing.

A great investment not only pays for itself but also generates returns. For a family of four owning a vacation home in Aruba, staying there for one week annually opens up the opportunity to earn income during the remaining 51 weeks. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have gained popularity, enabling homeowners to generate supplementary income. According to a article, Airbnb hosts in Aruba made an average of $9,200 in 2018, marking a 77% growth from the previous year and highlighting the substantial growth in the home-sharing industry on the island. With a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house priced at $280,000, renting it out for an average of $200 a night on Airbnb, and considering a 52% occupancy rate, the potential annual income could reach up to $38,000. This suggests that the real estate investment could pay itself back in a little over 7 years, with anything beyond that contributing to profit.

The best investments for parents are those made in their children, considering them as both a legacy and the future. Investing in a vacation home in Aruba is presented as a means to bring the family closer and secure financial stability for the future. Aruba is currently in a buyer's market, with land prices around half of those in other Caribbean islands. The message emphasizes the urgency to invest before the market shifts and assures that concerns about enjoying life in Aruba can be addressed. The focus is on helping individuals find a home for future happiness.

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