• Claudine Montano
  • 04/13/24

Sustainable luxury brands are revolutionizing the way people buy high-end clothing and accessories, promoting ethical practices that respect craftsmanship and the environment. This allows consumers to indulge in designer items without compromising on the environment or people.

Luxury brands are often associated with high-end craftsmanship and creative vision, but they are not necessarily sustainable. Many designer brands destroy unsold stock instead of selling at a discount, wasting resources. They also exploit workers and use forced labor in their supply chains. The high prices paid do not necessarily translate to higher wages. To promote sustainability, consider choosing luxury sustainable fashion brands that create a more responsible runway.

Here are a few we have looked at: 

Gabriela Hearst  
Eileen Fisher    
Maria McManus    
Stella McCartney    
Mirla Beane    
Mother Of Pearl    
Ninety Percent

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