What Design Trends Are We Leaving in 2021

What Design Trends Are We Leaving in 2021

  • Claudine Montano
  • 04/1/22

Here's What We Need to Change

Happy new year everyone! Here’s to another successful, blessed, and hopeful new year. May you and your family relish in all your happiness, love and health. This year, the Penthouse Queen Team is planning to do better and bigger things and I’m looking forward to bring you so much more luxury, elegance and conversation. 
Are you ready? I sure am! 
Today’s blogpost we will be talking about the few design trends we are leaving behind in 2021. Interior design plays a big role when it comes to Penthouses and exactly what makes them stand out against all others. So, let’s go over what is no longer stylish in a property, and exactly what you should avoid. Let’s be style forward in all areas of our lives! 

 1. Open Concepts! 

  • We all love an open concept floor and how much light it can offer, and the perfect space for entertainment. 
  • Now that our homes have become not only a play, and entertain space, it is now also our working spaces, so privacy and having distinct spaces for
  • that separation is essential.  

2. Replicas

  • DIY’ers this one’s for you! Stop with the vintage replicas because it’s cheaper. If you’re going to renovate, invest in it! 

  3. All-white Kitchens

  • Yes, they can be clean, minimalistic and very elegant, but 2022 calls for characteristics, uniqueness and a walk away from the white kitchen.

  4.Grey Interiors

  • Not only does EVERYONE have them, but it brings a stale, and very boring aesthetic to your home. 
  • Time to switch out of that neutral palette, everyone. Invest in a new colour scheme 

  5. Boho Style

  • I see a lot of this in a lot of “industrial” styled Penthouses, and a lot of the inner-city Penthouses. People love its simplicity and how “fun” it can be
  • It’s time to let go of those canopies, the rattan rugs, and the boring tones of beige, brown and cream |

  6. Waterfall Kitchen Islands

  • Again, this one is very common in the larger penthouses who have been renovated
  • This style is now overly done and we need a better way to approach a stylish and lux island in a gorgeous kitchen
  • Update that kitchen island and make it a statement in your kitchen! 
These are my main notes. Are there any other trends you want to see gone this year? Whether it’s decor, or just design in general. This is a fine line we have to tread but still worth talking about. Let me know in a message, or comments on Instagram! See you next week.

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