• Claudine Montano
  • 03/4/23

As a luxury realtor, I always pay attention to what goes into interior design. It is important to take note of what can sell a home, and what can not. The curb appeal is most important. A home will be deemed 'THE ONE' from the first look. Are the gardens tended to? Is the drive way paved? How much walking do you have to do to get to your front door? Is it well-done? Think about what makes your home THE ONE. 

Another thing I look at is every finish, every detail. If your home is selling in the millions, then you better show me what exactly makes this home worth millions? Let me see the EXTRAVAGANCE, the LUXURY and why I am going to give you the money you are asking for. But sadly, there are homes that sell for those millions and they are very... Ordinary. Sure, they can include stylist finishes, but that is it. Nothing I would consider 'WOW factors'. So, I was doing my research for this blog, I came across important inputs that had me thinking. So, here I am sharing information once more to help you in your selling process. 


Furniture sets are SO last season. Why? You don't want to look ORDINARY. Where is the character? Where is the uniqueness? Here is a good example 

Cheesy art. Why? Art that looks like you picked it up from your last garage sale will make a stunning home look tacky. You don't want that. If your decision to put art is to make a room feel 'cozy' or more 'homey', I suggest you go against that. You can make a room feel like that with colours, pillows, blankets etc! Here is a great example

No more overhead lighting. Why? Hello zombie land! If you want your guests, or even yourself to feel and look exhausted? That's the way to do it. You can have a bright room by just including side lamps, table lamps and more! Here is a great example


There are so many other great tips you can learn from a luxury stager, but these are a few of the ones I found interesting! 


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