• Claudine Montano
  • 11/17/22

So, you took advantage of any sales you could get your hand on, but you still have a few people who you are stuck on. Why are men so hard to shop for? You know, the ones who seem to have everything and they really do not need much, but you do not know how to gift them without actually saying, "Hey, I really did not know what to get you, so here is a gift card?".

I did some research and found a few items to help you out - and help me out too, because let us be honest. I love shopping for people in my life, and even some clients, and it does not get any easier no matter how long I have known them. Let us take a look, yes? 

For the chronic traveller you barely see: 

The Brand-Obsessed: 

The one who loves candles: 

Your favourite Entertainer: 

The Wine Connoisseur

The one with the sweet tooth 


Want more? Do not forget to click back in as we get closer to Christmas! These are a lot of fun to create and they always open my mind to new ideas which can be very creative and thoughtful as well. 


Take care everyone! Happy shopping. 

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