Staying Calm in Toronto's Housing Market

Staying Calm in Toronto's Housing Market

  • Claudine Montano
  • 09/27/22

It is not surprising to us all that even though the market is slowing down this Fall, prices in Toronto are remaining quite high. Buyers are staying on the sidelines, and few of those are willing to buy. 

The market continuously favours the buyer's of today's generation even though it is causing a lot of stress to try and sell their previous home, and what it could do for them in terms of pricing, or even being able to sell at all. This is when you are advised to stay calm, and try to stay in control of the whole process of selling. 

There are plentiful of tools Canadians can use to help them venture in this journey. Most agents use Sale Assurance, which is essentially promises you that they will sell your home, and help you find a new one even with the changing and wild market in the city. I use the blunt truth and knowledge that I have gathered over the years - no hidden agenda, just knowledge and love for my clients. 

Your agent should always have your goals, and dream home in mind. When I help my clients buy, and sell all together, I am always aware of what they consider a dream home, and where to take them. I also consult my staging manager to ensure their home is staged, cleaned and completely ready for new buyers. 

Trusting your agent is a big part of the whole process. Upon selling their property, an agent should never shut their doors to continue their business in helping their clients. This is the perfect time, and opportunity to grow and nurture relationships that will mean so much to your clients. 

It is why people always get refered to me. They know I never leave a job half done. When I take a deal, I take it head on, and I am aware that a lot of buyers are nervous to sell. But this is why I love my job. I know how to buy and sell in this market, and by providing that reassurance to my clients is what helps them stay in control and calm. 

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With more than a decade of experience, Claudine Montano possesses a strong business acumen of Toronto’s constantly evolving real estate market. Claudine Montano is a Broker of Record with RE/MAX Hallmark Montano Group Realty affiliated with RE/MAX Hallmark.

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